Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Singapore National Day Rehearsal

Seriously sorry for keeping my blog dead for months D;
i swear i swear i will update more often ! I SWEARRRR ;(

I think this will be my very first post blog about my life in Singapore
Well , its a really wonderful Saturday I had with Babes Jiajia Kaili & Min yee

here's my #ootd #floraldress

We meet up each other at CityHall and had dessert session together at  " Out of the Pan "...

*ignore my eyebags #phailedtowink !

Had a fun chitchat gossiping session with them !

Candid shot by jiajia while im talking D;

#sorry for being random for once again

Visited Esplanade ! my very first time been there !
Another name for this building is "Durian Skin Builiding" haha !
look like durian right ? with thornssss
then we walked to Marina Bay Sands to watch the Singapore National Day Rehearsal !

its my first time visit here after i move to Singapore to further my studies...
no time no time ; too much assignments 
Last visit is 2010 i think ;\

Here comes the Singapore flag...
Never take the picture of the marines because my phone is really running out of battery !#italwayshappens ;(

Random shot from my iphone while waiting for the fireworks


Here comes the fireworks ! all shot are from my iphone !

the fireworks are really aweeesomeeee !
best time to had a travel to Singapore too !
The rehearsal will be held on every saturday ! 
Fireworks starts at 8 and it last for 15 minutes AT LEAST !

After that we went Clarke Quay for drinking session... 
it was really a fun day fun night fun Saturday with them !

I just cut my hair D; with fringe !
see how big is the difference D;

look really kiddo now... ;(

What you think about it ?

hmm .... will update more more often like i swearrrrrrrr <3

stay tuned peeps !

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  1. love you with fringe in the second last photo. So lovely. =)