Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hi-Tea@The Bee, Publika

OH HAI people ... It's been thousand years i never update my blog AGAIN D;
now i gain back my mood to blog again TEHEE
it's sembreak time and i had been shuffling between Singapore and Malaysia almost 3 times within a month. How crazy it is ! 
and I have been eating desserts all around as you'll get to know if you followed my instagram @iiwen_tan. 
Wanted to blog about every moment i spent during my sembreak but seems so lazy ;( argh dillema (X.X)

today im going to blog about the hi-tea session I had with VickyBobo last tuesday.
We have been searching all the desserts shop in KL and at last we choosed The Bee@ Publika.
This is my very first visit to Publika and really suprised me , so uniqueeee ! and there are lotsa lotsa delicious foods there ;D always feel excited when i see foooooooods.
Gonna blog about it soon since im going to pay another visit to Publika again maybe next week ?

Candid shot by Vicky , Double chin i have ;\


feel stupid to tell that this is my very first try Apple Crumble,
 but yes, my First Time and yet suprised me as well. 
it's so naiseee ! the crumbs are like shortbread-like. AWESOME !

here's the drinks , i ordered "half and half" and she ordered lemonade ice tea
so called " half and half" taste abit wierd for me but nice for Vicky.

The Bee Hamburger ;D 

just got my cam so keep on trying out the filters available in my cam ;D

A very special concept restaurant ;D you guys can pay a visit and have their Apple Crumble !
really nice ;D

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