Monday, September 30, 2013

Unicorn Inspired Make Up

HELOOOOO My Lovely Readers 
if you wonder why those bags under my eyes are so big
or you may gonna ask "Why your eyebags so big, yer"
if you still dont understand what isit. then read Yutaki's Blog
That post is alll about latest trend of Aegyol Sal 
and Yutaki's Actually did fillers for that
So i'm kinda proud to have them naturally actually
but people always says tat my eyebags are way too big
Those are the latest trend of bags you b* hahaha

Anyways, today I'm gonna show you how i turn into a unicorn.
Pastel color one smmore. 
No lar, its actually Unicorn Make up
Since i cannot haz Unicorn Hair so I stall just do Make up on my face lar
Tryna Get into super Ulzzang Type of Unicorn make up 
I think i fail again ? End up i still put on falsies and back to Gyaru type of make up.
See my eyelid. i applied Pink & Mintblue on my eyelid.
Turns My eyes Into Unicorn Eys ;D aha !
You might think that having a Unicorn Make on the street is weird
But look at this. NOT AT ALL right ?!
I was quite suprised that it turns out not so exaggerate.
and recent fashion craze are Pastel Unicorn Colors !!!
So i try to match my make up to my #ootd
which turns out great !!!
The Top im wearing is from

You maybe wonder where I get sucha awesome eyeshadow right
Lemme show you mah new babehhh nowwww

SEPHORA Color Pop-Up Store
Looking so glaaamoroussss.
Then I abandoned my Naked 2 loll
nohhh im just joking. Naked 2 is still my baby.

This is how it looks like when you open it up

Looking awesome right ?!

It consist of 42 eyeshadows
12 cream eyeliner
6 eye topcoats
3 Lminizer


Heres another 6 Lip Top Coats
 48 Lip Glosses
6 eye,lip,cheek creams
3 Blushers

22 Earth Color eyeshadows

So what you have in mind now ?

YES and your next question is 
"Where can I get it ?"
Sorry to say, but this is a limited edition color pop-up store Produced by SEPHORA
it is only available around Christmas season.
I'm not sure whether they will have it soon on christmas this year
I dont really Shop in Sephora before thats why i dont know they have this awesome piece last time
Even i saw on instagram and Facebook I also dont even bother to check it out at Sephora Outlet
Because I thought it would be SUPER DUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE
which is around 400? 500?

But guess what, it is only around SGD 69-79 ? which is also mean that it is around RM150
seriouslyyyyyyyyyyy?! and because this is no longer available in SEPHORA
I went to look around google, search here, search there.
It is all selling at US, UK
and the Postage will cost you another $$$$$$$$$$ again
Then i thought i would GIVE UP searching for it
but what, I managed to find it through Carousell
which is a apps// website which people sell their pre-loved item.
But this lovely set is Brand New.
The owner have her very own reason to sell.

*best thing in life*

Anyways, if sephora ever produce any similar product like this 
I will never miss it AGAIN !!!
so do you !!!