Sunday, September 22, 2013

DollyWink "Lets Be Pretty Together"

Its been One and a half year since i move to SG to further my studies
I did not have any experience at all towards Blogger industries in Singapore.
Until I join Jstar, i met alot lovely girls through JStar and also in Jrunway
Especially Jacqueline aka Gollylocks & Pearlin
Then Jacqueline introduce the KellyPearly Sisters to me
OmO The KellyPearly Sisters just stay one block away from my house ?!What a coincident ?!
This world is toooo small man.
So now i have two cute friends in my neighbourhood ~ yeayyy

Kelly Konomi had a mini workshop with SASA x DollyWink x Clearlash yesterday at Bugis Junction SASA
and she invited me to be her make up model cause I did not attend their event before !!
This is my very first time joining Shibuya Gals SG Event. *excited*

So this is Kelly Konomi !!!
Shes super kawaii right ?! and her poster is looking cute too !!

DollyWink hardly do any discount but yesterday DollyWink is having 20% for all the items

They have this New Item ( ClearLast X PeachJohn) in SASA and also on 20% Discount !!

If you missed the event then i think you missed alot then ;(
Because they give out alot free gifts in the goodie bag as well !!!

The Box on the left where the falsies place , The picture of Tsubasa-chan look like Kelly right ?!
I was asking her, is that you ?! haha 

Kelly demonstrated a Natural Looking Make Up & Dolly Looking Make Up look on me !!
But i dont have the pictures of me yet, the photos is still with them.
Will update here once i receive the photo

But heres one close up of me wearing Lower lash perfectly in my life.
Thankyou Kelly for all the make up tips !! haha

Here's picture of me with the cutie pie Kelly.

Thankyou the KellyPearly Sisters for the invite & FREE GIFTS !!!
Pearly just throw everything into my goodie bag lollll

and i have one bag full of awesome Make up Items.

Next Post :
Whats is in this cute DollyWink Goodie Bag
review for each of the products inside + some make up tips i learnt from DollyWink "Lets Be Pretty Together" Workshop !!

So... Stay tune girls !!!


  1. I knew I saw you. But I wasn't share if you are iiwen. I am the one carrying the same handphone case as u. :P

    1. Ohhhh !! Haha emoda phone case. Well thanks for dropping by my blog ;D *appreciate nice to meet you