Friday, September 21, 2012

Buger Kaw Kaw@ Wangsa Maju

Hey people im here again ;D as promised i'll post about the Famous Burger Kaw Kaw@Wangsa Maju
went there after i had my hi-tea session@Dome,KL
Actually i went there on last Monday all the way from Cheras and it's closeeee T_T
so i went back there the other day and luckily i din meet any long queue ! wohooo

see how busy they are 

make your order and they'll give you a number for the queue ;D

Ordered Single *Chzynizer #immacheeselover
im quite full uh , thats why i ordered single one.
Wondering how the Triple / Xtra Patty looks like ;D

my #GBF guybestfriend ! Tenson Tang !

Looks so yummy right
awwww this makes me really hungry while im blogging now ;(

Okay I posed nicely and he asked me to pose some stupid face and i just did it
L0L !!!! what m i saying =.=
there are some candid shots la
as you know eating such big burgers doesnt makes your face looks good right (x.x)
so i din't post'em out ;P

Actually the burger taste almost the same like the one i had in The Bee@Publika
[ Click Here ] to get into the post.
But still nice ;D 

Gonna try out Mutton Burger @ Cheras Area next time when I get back to KL again ;D
so Stay Tuned peeps ! loves.

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