Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sasa Cyber Color HD Aura

Helloooo, sorry for not updating for a month. I was on holiday
So i've given myself a holiday from blogging also 
Did anyone of you miss me ? haha

People have been asking me...
I prefer korean make up (ulzzang) or Japanese Make up (gyaru)
why you dont have a specific style and you're always super random in style.
Hmmmm, idk, when i feel like doing it then i'll just do it
When i dont, i wont. ;D thats it
But so far i stil prefer Gyaru is because i find my festures are more suitable for gyaru make up 
and todayyyy I have this Japanese make up products to share

Cyber Color HD Aura Foundation Series

Have you heard of Cyber Color?
If you dont, you must be a person who dont do shopping (>_>)
I believe most of the shopping center have Sasa right
 ( 8 out of 10 shopping center you went in your life)
and Cyber Color actually own a big space in the shop.
I know because i can actualy spend more than 3 hours in SASA
i just cannot, cosmetics are my drugs.

Here's my face without any foundation but with eye make up -_-
My face is more redish and the skin color is uneven.
To be frank, I seldom put thick foundation on my face, i will just apply base? and finishing powder?
Unless there's a photoshoot session , its only when it is nessesary 
So when it comes to a proper make up
This is the sequence for a perfect skin tone.

Let's do it step by step 
Sasa Cyber Color HD Aura Watery Make Up Base #02 GLOW

Why Base is important ?
it actually helps to balance you skin tone so that it would be a better base
to help foundation to be stand out more.

And now, choose your Favourite Foundation
Which is which ? Gel Foundation or Cream Foundation ?so confusing

Cyber Color HD Aura Cream Foundation #02 Natural

You can obviously see the texture is more Creamy and sticky compare to the Gel one.
It suits oily skin more 

Was trying to make a before and after pic but i failed
but you can obviously see a difference where as the Cream foundation is obviously applied on the left

Cyber Color HD Aura Gel Foundation #02 Natural

Gel Foundation has more watery texture and i find it easier to apply
Gel foundation suits Dry skin more ^^

Lastly , Cyber Color HD Aura Skin Finish Powder

This Skin finishing Powder is something like Loose Powder,
It helps to complete your Make Up.



You can see that it reduce the shiny shiny effect on my face and it helps my face not to look so oily

If you're lazy kind of person , choose Cyber Color HD Aura Powder Foundation

Just to apply after the base, it can also showed up the effect of Finishing Powder ;D

wowww there's so much of products , which one would be my favorite?

Ranking for Sasa Cyber Color HD Aura Products

1. Cyber Color HD Aura Gel Foundation #02 Natural
2. Cyber Color HD Aura Powder Foundation #02 Natural
3. Cyber Color HD Aura Watery Make Up Base #02 GLOW
4. Lastly , Cyber Color HD Aura Skin Finish Powder
5. Cyber Color HD Aura Cream Foundation #02 Natural

Which one would be your Favorite then ?
Now Sasa Cyber Color HD Aura Series Products are now 
Go try them out !

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