Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Late New Year Post

#Random 2013 vain selca pic ;D

Well, here you go 2013 !!!
It's another year again...
And Im turning 20... *SAD
There's so much 2012 post i missed out, i really hope i got time to post'em.
Anw , my NYE was sucks ;( I was sick for almost 1 week and I slept a 12 on the NYE
while you guys are all partying and what so ever. Pathetic righttttt :'(

Things I did on this January 2013.

#1 Get an iPhone 5
* since i lost my 4s last december T____T
i wouldnt have change to 5 if i dint lost it. 
so muchhhhh of memories inside !!!

# Party Like a Rockstar 
it was an awesome night with the gang @Cassis Club,Clarke Quay
that day was the Grand Opening !! so packkkk

A picture with ze #longtimenosee Ernest ! before we went in

Here's the difference between Singapore Club & KL Clubs
Singapore have alotsa lotsa hot guys !!!

and what ?! Singapore version Nicki Minaj
Aweeesommeeee nottt

Oh well, somebody got rape and so happy huhhhh ;D

New friend New friend Fianne , so pretty hor! Minyee's cousie 

And my all-time-favourite Girls !!

Group Photo of the Night !!

Control myself from drinking because i have 8am class on the next day. D;
Guess what ?! Imma survivor !!! still get to go class on time.
Study hard , Party Harder !

 #3 needa get a bigger wardrobe for myself after I move out.

#4 New Hair for New Year
Omgeeeee, you guys will never expect to see this i tell youuuu.

Suprise or nottttt. ok the hairstylist is abit xxxxxx with my hair.
i wanted my fringe curl but. why like that one. Nevermind lah i curl myself.

Someone seems cannot accept my new hair HAHA 
who cares? thats my hair ok.

#5 Dakgalbi Craving FIXED !

previously when i came back KL i was sick damn badly 
thats why i couldnt have a chance to taste'em again ;(
SOOOO SADDDD but finally nowwww 
awwww so happy !!! ;D 

#6 Try on New contacts

Really comfy ok. compare to Freshkon.
You people should give a try. Its available at any optical shops.

Here's some close view of my hair.
#withoutmakeup (x.x)

saw the two tone colour or not. Like or not. Hehe

I do really like my new hair so much. but it really takes time and effort to make it nice.
Promised myself to wake up 2 hours earlier everyday to prepare myself. hahhh.

# Next Post - Make Up Tutorial or Hair Tutorial ?
You decide ;) drop me a comment !! *lovesss